How to promote your Ottawa restaurant with printing and attract more customers

In the digital age, where screens dominate our lives, it’s easy to overlook the power of print advertising. But for restaurants, this classic approach can be a game-changer. Let’s explore how you can leverage print in Ottawa to attract more hungry patrons to your tables.

Why Print Matter for Your Ottawa Restaurant

  1. Local Connection:
    • Ottawa is more than a city; it’s a community. Print materials allow you to connect with locals on a personal level.
    • Imagine your menu or flyer in their hands—it’s like inviting them over for dinner.
  2. Tangibility and Trust:
    • Print materials are tangible. Customers can touch them, feel their weight, and trust their authenticity.
    • A well-designed menu or business card is like a trusted recommendation from a friend.
  3. Targeted Reach:
    • Direct mail lets you aim precisely. Want to attract ByWard Market visitors? Send postcards with enticing offers.
    • It’s like seasoning your message just right for the right audience.

Practical Print Strategies for Ottawa Restaurants

1. Menus That Speak Ottawa

  • Local Ingredients: Highlight Ottawa’s culinary gems—maple syrup, poutine, and Beavertails.
  • Bilingual Menus: Ottawa is bilingual—English and French. Cater to both language communities.

2. Send Flyers around Ottawa

  • Event Promotions: Hosting a special night? Shout it from your flyer rooftops.
  • Local Partnerships: Collaborate with nearby businesses. Cross-promotions are like a fusion dish—unexpected and delightful.

3. Business Cards for Networking

  • Manager’s Details: Include contact info. Networking at local events is like sharing secret ingredients.
  • Local Design Elements: Ottawa’s iconic landmarks—Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal—add a local touch.

Print advertising isn’t old-fashioned; it’s a reliable classic. Like a well-prepared dish, it leaves an impression. So, Ottawa restaurateurs, embrace the tangible—the art of print. Let your message linger on paper, like the aftertaste of a memorable meal. 

Let’s explore some popular print products for restaurants and understand why they are useful:

  1. Brochures:
    • Use: Brochures serve as disposable menus that customers can take with them. They’re also great for take-out or catering options.
    • Why Useful: Brochures provide a tangible menu experience, allowing patrons to explore offerings and take them home.
    • Application: Order menus in bulk and distribute them to customers or display them at the entrance.
  2. Business Cards:
    • Use: Business cards are essential for restaurant professionals. They often contain the manager’s information and facilitate direct communication.
    • Why Useful: Customers can easily contact the manager for catering requests or special inquiries.
    • Application: Display business cards at the host’s stand or near the entrance.
  3. Mini Menus:
    • Use: Mini menus are compact versions of the regular menu. They fit into take-out bags without being overwhelming.
    • Why Useful: Conveniently slip mini menus into take-out orders, promoting your offerings subtly.
    • Application: Include them in delivery bags or take-out packaging.
  4. Flyers:
    • Use: Flyers can serve as single-page menus, either reusable or disposable.
    • Why Useful: Reusable flyers can be laminated for continuous use, while disposable ones ensure hygiene.
    • Application: Print single-page menus on flyers and distribute them to customers.
  5. Large Format Posters:
    • Use: Feature special food items or promotional deals on large format posters.
    • Why Useful: High-quality posters grab attention and don’t require minimum quantities.
    • Application: Display posters on restaurant walls or near the entrance.
  6. Rack Cards:
    • Use: Rack cards are ideal for shorter lists like drink or dessert menus.
    • Why Useful: Convenient for staff and customers, especially at the bar.
    • Application: Place rack cards on tables or at the bar area.

Print Marketing Strategies for Restaurants:

  1. Direct Mail:
  2. Local Listings:
  3. Storefront Signage:
  4. Menu Printing:
  5. Table Tents:

Remember, a thoughtful combination of print and digital marketing can significantly improve your restaurant’s visibility and customer base. Start driving more traffic to your restaurant by leveraging these print marketing strategies!

Print Solutions for Restaurants in Ottawa