Booklet Printing

We offer a comprehensive suite of booklet printing services in Ottawa, including saddle stitch, spiral coil, wire-coil, soft cover perfect bound books and magazines.

Saddle Stitch Bound Books

We print saddle stitch bound books and booklets, commonly used for booklets, brochures, magazines, and small publications. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to create booklets without the need for complex machinery or glue. The resulting book lies flat when opened, making it ideal for reading and reference materials. If you’re looking for a simple and customizable binding method, saddle stitch might be the perfect choice!

Spiral Coil Bound Books

We print spiral coil bound books  in Ottawa.  Spiral coil bound books, also known as coil bound books, are commonly used for various purposes. They are popular for creating notebooksagendas, and instruction manuals due to their durability and ability to lie flat when opened. 

Wire-coil Bound Books

 Whether you’re creating manuals, planners, cookbooks, or marketing materials, our coil-bound books provide a highly professional look. With the ability to lie flat and withstand heavy handling, they’re perfect for various applications. 

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books

Soft Cover Perfect Bound Books are a popular binding method that combines aesthetics with quality. These books are ideal for various types of publications, including novels, textbooks, magazines, catalogs, manuals, and luxury brochures. 

Magazine Printing

Litigation is our core-business. Our lawyers have been involved in many high-profile cases for 20 years.