Spiral Coil Bound Books

What Are Spiral Coil Bound Booklets?

Spiral Coil Bound Booklets, also known as spiral-bound books, offer a practical and versatile way to create customized publications. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Binding Technique:
    • Spiral Coil Binding: This method involves running a sturdy plastic coil (also called a spiral) through drilled holes in the cover and pages.
    • The result? A booklet that fully rotates and lays flat, making it easy to read and handle.
  2. Ideal Projects:
    • Custom Calendars: Create personalized calendars for your business or as gifts.
    • Notebooks: Design your own notebooks with custom covers and inside pages.
    • Company Manuals: Organize essential information for employees or clients.
    • Promotional Material: Use spiral-bound booklets for marketing brochures, event programs, and more.
  3. Customization Options:
    • Inside Sheets: Choose between 25 or 50 inside sheets (printed on 28 lb paper).
    • Front and Back Covers: Opt for 100 lb paper for durability.
    • Lamination: Add a clear cover for extra protection.
    • Plastic Coil Colors: Select from four different plastic coil colors.
    • Full-Color Printing: All pages are printed in vibrant colors.
  4. Design Considerations:
    • Ensure important design elements (such as text and images) are well-centered and avoid getting cut off near the edges.
    • Use high-resolution images for crisp printing results.
    • Pay attention to font sizes and readability.

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